NCCN Members are currently operating in the following HSE Community Healthcare Organisations (CHO’s) depicted in bold and are interested to expand to all areas: 

CHO 1, CHO 2, CHO 3, CHO 4, CHO 5, CHO 6, CHO 7, CHO 8, and CHO 9 

Membership is confined to Home Support Providers who operate on a not-for-profit or social enterprise basis. It is subject to application and interview. To avail of membership with NCCN each applicant must undergo an application process which is reviewed by the membership committee.

Membership Criteria:

To be a member of NCCN all members must sign up to the following:

  • Currently the Board of NCCN is comprised of persons nominated from the membership network. 
  • Compliance with all relevant legislation
  • Compliance with all HSE standards and code of conduct
  • Have appropriate insurance
  • Full compliance with our Service Level Arrangements with the HSE
  • Appropriate levels of good governance within the organisation
Membership - NCCN

If interested in joining NCCN please complete the form below or contact the CEO: or call: 083 089 5305

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