The board of NCCN is responsible for ensuring that its business is conducted in accordance with the law and proper standards, and that members’ money is safeguarded; properly accounted for and used economically, efficiently, and effectively. 

Governance is about how NCCN ensures that it is doing the right things, in the right way for its membership, in a timely, inclusive, open, honest, and accountable manner. Good governance leads to effective leadership, risk management, financial accountability and appropriate public engagement.

The governance framework within NCCN comprises the culture, values, systems, and processes by which the membership is supported and represented. It enables NCCN to monitor the achievement of its strategic objectives and to consider whether those objectives have led to the delivery of appropriate services and value for money for its members. A system of internal control is a significant part of that framework.

NCCN will ensure that there is ongoing and robust oversight and adherence to best practice and standards in the community, voluntary and charity sector. The board, with support from the CEO, will lead and direct annual reviews of the effectiveness of NCCN’s governance arrangements, and when completed, the findings reported to the membership, together with any remedial action required.